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Vancouver Day Tip Ideas - Ocean View Bike RidePlanning a Vancouver Day Trip

Vancouver is rapidly evolving into a world-class city. With a plethora of parks, waterways, and abundant scenery—both inside and out of the city—it’s the perfect destination for a casual getaway.

When it comes to eating, there seems to be more delicious and nutritious restaurants popping up each week. Additionally, there are great places to work out, fabulous juice and salad bars, and cycling routes that will leave you going—ahhh—as you breathe in the crisp ocean air.

Where to work out

Barre Fitness

Just a quick walk from the Victorian Hotel in Yaletown, Barre Fitness is a great option for all fitness levels. Prepare to work hard, because their specialty is intense workouts tailored to different ability levels. The space is clean and uncluttered, and visitors have access to free lockers as well as a towel service.

Fit 4 Less

A great destination for the budget conscious, Fit 4 Less is a clean, modern facility sporting all the latest equipment. Located in Coal Harbour and easily accessible by bus, you’ll find many machines for beginners and veterans alike, as well as a nice weight area. Try their 30 Minute Express Circuit for a quick yet effective workout.

Where to Eat

Field and Social

Vancouver is famous for its health scene. If you want to indulge, try Field and Social, which is right beside the Hotel on Dunsmuir avenue. Enjoy carefully crafted salads made from only the freshest local produce—and plenty of seasonal inspiration!


If sweet, delicious juice is what you crave, don’t pass up a chance to visit UPJUS. Located on Mainland Street in Yaletown, you’ll find nothing but organic, raw, cold-pressed inspiration. If you’re new to juicing, try the Rookie, a combination of Apple, Celery, Orange, Spinach, Lemon, and Ginger, which is supposed to be great for joint health!

Cycling Routes

No trip to Vancouver would be complete without a visit to Stanley Park, which was named the best park in the world in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travellers’ Choice Awards. Imagine peddling along the Seawall surrounded by greenery and bathed in sunlight. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

Moreover, patrons of the Victorian Hotel can visit Simon’s Bike Shop, located on Robson, for 30% off on 24-hour bike rentals from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

The Victorian Hotel

As a guest at the Victorian Hotel, you have access to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, so remember to ask for their recommendations. No matter what you enjoy, the Victorian Hotel’s prime location ( just blocks from Gastown and Yaletown) mean you’ll have easy access to the very best Vancouver has to offer!

If you have any questions about staying in Vancouver BC or any of our hotel services, please give our front desk a call at 604.681.6369 (toll-free 1.877.681.6369).

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Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel

Congrats Hunter & Hare!

Staff members at the Victorian Hotel would like to extend their hearty congratulations to Miki and Joanne, owners of the Hunter & Hare. Miki and Joanne recently hosted their first ever Essential Oil Workshop.

Sharing a building space with the Victorian Hotel, The Hunter & Hare provides a uniquely visceral shopping experience, making use of gorgeous decorations and visual displays to entice and delight. Guests from around the world can enjoy access to topnotch consignment wares geared toward women, as well as an assortment of beautiful products curated from some of the finest independent vendors around Vancouver and British Columbia.

Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel
Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel Hunter & Hare & Victoria Hotel

Learn to mix oils for a variety of needs

For just $45, patrons can enjoy a stimulating sensory experience as they learn to mix oils for a variety of needs, from stimulation and energy to relaxation and sleep. With unlimited access to shopping and one-on- one assistance from a trained aromatherapy professional, the evening was hailed as a truly scentsational success.

“We are very excited to support local vendors like the Hunter & Hare,” says hotel owner and operator Miriam Mowat. “Their events are a stimulating diversion for guests and locals alike, but more importantly, they are one of those businesses that really contribute to a strong sense of community in Vancouver. The Hunter & Hare is a platform for many talented local vendors and artisans, and we are honoured that they have chosen to share space with the Victorian Hotel.”

Both the Victorian Hotel and the Hunter & Hare are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, just blocks away from historic Gastown, the Convention Centre, Robson Shopping District and Yaletown. The Waterfront SkyTrain station is just 4 blocks away, affording easy access to the hotel and its shops and restaurants.

“We hope to see many more events like this from the Hunter & Hare. It makes for a wonderfully entertaining evening that offers guests a genuine taste of the warmth and hospitality of our city.”

More about The Victorian Hotel

From great shops to one-of-kind BC destinations — no matter what you’re looking for — the Victorian Hotel’s enjoys a prime location to it all. Situated within blocks from Gastown and Yaletown, our guests enjoy wonderful access to many of the city’s greatest offerings!

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Cinara Restaurant – Best Downtown Restaurant Award 2016

Vancouver Magazine’s Best Restaurants of 2016

The Victorian Hotel blends historical hotel charm with contemporary comforts and an unpretentious atmosphere. This one-of-a-kind property sits between Gastown and Yaletown, offering easy access from a dynamic urban setting.

Many people don’t know that the hotel shares its historical space with an assortment of amazing retailers, including Cinara Restaurant, which was just recognized by Vancouver Magazine in the 2016 Restaurant Awards.

Cinara Restaurant, operated by Chef Lucais Syme, is well known for its Italian inspired cuisine, upheld by traditional cooking techniques. As part of the retail space around the Victorian Hotel, customers have quick and easy access to sumptuous goodies that range from naturally leavened breads and pastas to homemade preserves and creamy cheeses.

Cinara is well know for using fine and fresh quality ingredients that allow clean flavors to layer and build on each other,” explains a representative of the hotel. “Their reputation for serving fine, fresh food in a comfortable and approachable setting has most certainly earned them a name on the local dining scene, and we are thrilled they have been recognized for their efforts.

Cinara is located at 350 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia—which is housed within the Victoria Block Building of the Victorian Hotel.  Ample Homer Street parking is available. In addition, there are two parking garages located close by, one on the corner of Pender and Richards, and the other on the corner of Pender and Cambie.

More on Cinara Restaurant Awards

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Victorian Hotel’s Traveler Tips in Honour of World Environment Day – June 5th 2016

In honour of World Environment Day (June 5, 2016) and Canadian Environment Week (June 5 – 11, 2016), The Victorian Hotel has created a five-point list to guide people interested in a more environmentally friendly approach to travel.

This doesn’t necessarily mean camping with a fibre-rich bowlful of nuts and berries for breakfast. Rather, the small decisions you make when planning your trip can help ensure that you minimize your ecological footprint while still having a great time.

1)      Opt for a stay-cation or minimize travel distances

Many forms of transportation can contribute to climate change. Why not opt to discover the charms of the next city or province? You’ll have a great time discovering local charm and hidden gems in your city, province, or country—and minimize holiday emissions.

2)      Consider your transportation

Some forms are worse than others. Can you drive or take the train? If you have to fly, look toward airlines with higher occupancy rates and newer, more efficient aircraft.  While in downtown Vancouver, choose the Victorian Hotel for its bespoke bicycle rentals to tour the local espresso and culinary scene along Vancouver’s well renowned bike lanes that encompass the best beaches, landmarks, and parks.

3)      Choose your accommodation carefully

Look for hotels that are conveniently located and use earth friendly products. For example, the Victorian Hotel is walking distance from all kinds of restaurants and attractions around Vancouver. Additionally, patrons enjoy local, handmade products like Purely Salt Spring soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

4)      Be Responsible

Act like you would in your own home. Hang your towels so they can be reused. Sheets don’t need to be changed every day. Shut off lights and turn off the air conditioner/heater when you leave your room. Remember to recycle newspapers and drink containers.

5)    Watch where you go…and what you buy

Avoid activities that are significantly harmful to the environment. For example, sports like skydiving burn a lot of energy, whereas an activity like golf can be relatively benign, particularly if the course makes use of recycled water. When it comes time to buy souvenirs, avoid anything made from animals, especially endangered species, which could be illegal.

Being an earth friendly traveller isn’t hard. By making informed decisions, you can have a terrific time and act as a responsible global citizen—wherever you happen to be!

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If you’ve booked at the Victorian Hotel in Downtown Vancouver for the Victoria Day weekend, be sure give us your name for a chance to win two tickets to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

For most people, Victoria Day heralds the unofficial start of summer. It was made Canada’s first official state holiday by the legislature of the Province of Canada back in 1845. In fact, Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria’s birthday as an official holiday!

As Canada’s sovereign at the time of Confederation, Queen Victoria’s consent was necessary to form the new country in 1867. She is also credited with making Ottawa the nation’s capital a decade earlier.

When Queen Victoria passed away in 1901, her birthday became an annual holiday. Though it was initially meant to be celebrated every May 24th , today the actual day moves around a lot to ensure locals get to enjoy a long weekend. (Often called the “two-four” long weekend for a case of beer.)

Queen Victoria gave her name to the Victorian age and countless other things associated with the era, such as dress style (it’s said she began the tradition of the bride wearing white to weddings), cities (including BC’s capital and Regina, Saskatchewan) and, of course, many buildings. She is, after all, the namesake for the Victorian Hotel! The central building was built in

1898 at the time of the great gold rush. The second built in 1902 (turn of the Century) called the “Victoria Block” connected with the first occupying a corner City Bloc.

The Victorian Hotel manages to hold onto its past as well as embrace the future, with large open spaces inspired by the high-ceilings of the time, but servicing all the amenities we expect from a hotel today. It is a unique boutique setup, that affords easy access to all the city has to offer—including the Vancouver Art Gallery!

Raffle Prize: two tickets to the Vancouver Art Gallery

To commemorate Victoria Day, we will be raffling off two tickets to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The current exhibition features Mashup: The Birth of Modern Culture, the Vancouver Art Gallery’s biggest exhibition yet, 3 years in the making and featuring over 156 different artists!

The raffle will take place on Saturday May 21st. If you’re staying with us during the Victoria Day long weekend, remember to enter your name in the draw box by the front desk—or ask us to do it for you!

  • The winner will be given the tickets Saturday May 21.
  • Complimentary tea and cake will be offered in the Lobby on Monday May 23rd, 2016 for guests to enjoy Victoria Day.

We wish everyone good luck and a great Victoria Day long weekend!

If you have any questions or to learn more, please give our front desk a call at 604.681.6369 (toll-free 1.877.681.6369).

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Introducing our brand new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging system. We provide guests with this complimentary service while staying at the Victorian Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.

  • This service can charge both Tesla cars and any other type of Electric Vehicles
  • Features high speed charging

The chargers are designed and calibrated for high speed charging and we believe this will be an extremely valuable service, both now and well into the future.

Downtown Vancouver EV Charging Stations

This picture is of the unit located in our lot.

Update: Here are some recent photos of our charging station in action, featuring a Tesla Model “S” from Oregon re-charging at the Victorian Hotel!

Victorian Hotel Electric Vehicle EV Plugin Charging Station - Vancouver BC
Victorian Hotel - Tesla EV Electric Vehicle Plugin Charging Station - Vancouver BC

There are two more complimentary charging systems located in our overflow, off-site lot 1/2 a block from us on Homer Street.

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If you have any questions or to learn more about our EV Charging System, please give our front desk a call at 604.681.6369 (toll-free 1.877.681.6369).

Great news! We have just completed the installation of a state of- the-art WI-Fi system called M.I.M.O. or Enterprise Class WI-FI at the Victorian Hotel. This new technology promises to provide a much stronger, faster signal than ever before. For those who are interested, you can check out this link explaining the nuts and bolts here:

We are very proud to be providing our customers with the latest and greatest wi-fi technology in giving them a relaxing stay at our hotel.

Victorian Design Fundamentals

The Victorian Period was 1837 to 1901. The period followed the burgeoning of global trade and mass production resulting in a revival of the middle class. As goods became more readily available, people took to outward expression in fashion and design. New techniques and materials were also available for designers to immerse in creativity in which new styles emerged and thus was coined the Victorian Era.


The style of the period is noted for its eclecticism. In dress and homes alike, over exaggeration and abundance became the style itself. Popular design characteristics include plump and luxurious. Victorian Hotel Lobby Vancouver

Designers of the era (and today who mimic the style) favour rich materials such as mahogany wood and ivory. When it comes to colours, Victorian style also favours richness in shades such as ruby red, forest green, or deep blue. Original early Victorian style décor will show a more limited colour palette, as the process of chemical dying was not mastered until later years. Later emerged fantastic shades of green, blue, magenta, violet, and raw pink, which can be used now to accent the darker hues of the earlier period.

Diverse Fabrics

Fabrics were diverse, too. Depending on the change of season, the Victorians epitomized the classic velvet and damask, and cotton and chintz. (Damask is reversible figured fabric; chintz is patterned floral printed usually against a lighter background.)

The style of furniture itself was ornate and large. Button back chairs, pouffes and ottomans were customary. In general though, the design of furniture often borrowed from earlier styles, most notably of Gothic and Rococo.


Wallpaper exploded during the Victorian era and is an important feature of Victorian design. This was because of the ability of mass production as well as the repeal of the 1712 Wallpaper Tax at the time. They were often elaborately designed in patterns and vivid colours. One of the most famous wallpaper designers at the time was inspired by Medieval and Gothic tapestries, which can be seen on many original walls.

The Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC

Victorian design is uniquely distinguishable and popular even today. To get a better understanding of Victorian design, visit Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC. The newly renovated Victorian-era building is fully furnished in Victorian style décor offering you a trip to the allure of the 19th century!

Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel Guide

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Benefits of Staying at a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels began appearing in the 1980’s with New York at its epicentre. Often found in the slightly offbeat but still highly sought after neighbourhoods in urban centres, boutique hotels can be characterised as unique, stylish, and intimate.

The Victorian Hotel in Vancouver BC, for example, is a newly restored 1898 Victorian style brick building located centrally between Yaletown and Gastown, two of Vancouver’s hippest areas.


Don’t be surprised by the original artwork, complimentary wine service, or complimentary goldfish that are usually offered to guests during their stay. Don’t miss the designer toiletries, complimentary, as well.

Such services and amenities are what make boutique hotels unique. Boutique hotels are also uniquely styled hotel-by-hotel and room-by-room with a particular theme.

Moreover, they are often restored in old turn of the century heritage buildings, while conveniently being located in the best neighbourhoods in the city.


Vintage could not be more stylish as a restored nineteenth century era building turned hotel. Whilst also being located near the centre of the city in much cooler neighbourhoods, guests also reside in the close proximity to usually one of the city’s best restaurants and/ or bars.

Hop downtown for an award-winning cocktail, or an orecchiette rabbit ragu, like at Cinara below Vancouver’s Victorian Hotel.


Boutique hotels are never larger than 100 rooms, so you’ll almost never get lost inside one. If you do get lost, the full service accommodations and excellent concierge that comes with the style of boutique hotels will surely help you find your way, or with whatever your woes may be.

The professional and personalized service in these smaller sized hotels is surely intimate, matched by the overall more private atmosphere of a boutique hotel.

International Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels were originally opened and operated independently. Over the last years, however, they have become the preferred choice of travellers around the world such that larger chain hotels have begun to capitalize on the benefits of boutique hotels.

W Hotels, from Montreal to newly opened Beijing, is owned by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. They are chic and glamourous, but atmospherically different than independent boutique hotels.

There are still many locally run boutique hotels with the original charm that popularized this category of hospitality, such as the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC!

Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel Guide

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Colin Mochrie and friends

  • Friday, August 21 & Saturday, August 22
  • 7:30p.m. and 10p.m.
  • The Improv Centre on Granville Island

Canada’s best-known improviser, teams up with Vancouver TheatreSports™ League (VTSL) players for four spirited shows on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22, 2015.

Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyways?, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) was a player at Vancouver TheatreSports™ League for years alongside fellow alumni Ryan Stiles. He has continued to light up the stage and screen as one of Canada’s funniest comedians since. For this rare Vancouver appearance Colin will be spinning comedy gold with a handpicked cast of all-star improvisers.

Featuring all your favourite TheatreSports™ games and inspired by your suggestions, Colin Mochrie will be the comedy event of the year.

Proceeds from Colin Mochrie & Friends go to support the Colin Mochrie Sponsorship Fund and VTSL’s outreach programs.

Can’t come on August 21 or 22?

Colin is performing a special show the night before on August 20th – An Intimate Evening with Colin, which includes a catered pre-show reception by the Lazy Gourmet, a complimentary glass of bubbly, along with a post-performance Q&A with Colin himself.

Regular seats $70; VIP seats $80