Introducing our brand new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging system. We provide guests with this complimentary service while staying at the Victorian Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.

  • This service can charge both Tesla cars and any other type of Electric Vehicles
  • Features high speed charging

The chargers are designed and calibrated for high speed charging and we believe this will be an extremely valuable service, both now and well into the future.

Downtown Vancouver EV Charging Stations

This picture is of the unit located in our lot. There are two more complimentary charging systems located in our overflow, off-site lot 1/2 a block from us on Homer Street.

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If you have any questions or to learn more about our EV Charging System, please give our front desk a call at 604.681.6369 (toll-free 1.877.681.6369).

Great news! We have just completed the installation of a state of- the-art WI-Fi system called M.I.M.O. or Enterprise Class WI-FI at the Victorian Hotel. This new technology promises to provide a much stronger, faster signal than ever before. For those who are interested, you can check out this link explaining the nuts and bolts here:

We are very proud to be providing our customers with the latest and greatest wi-fi technology in giving them a relaxing stay at our hotel.

Victorian Design Fundamentals

The Victorian Period was 1837 to 1901. The period followed the burgeoning of global trade and mass production resulting in a revival of the middle class. As goods became more readily available, people took to outward expression in fashion and design. New techniques and materials were also available for designers to immerse in creativity in which new styles emerged and thus was coined the Victorian Era.


The style of the period is noted for its eclecticism. In dress and homes alike, over exaggeration and abundance became the style itself. Popular design characteristics include plump and luxurious. Victorian Hotel Lobby Vancouver

Designers of the era (and today who mimic the style) favour rich materials such as mahogany wood and ivory. When it comes to colours, Victorian style also favours richness in shades such as ruby red, forest green, or deep blue. Original early Victorian style décor will show a more limited colour palette, as the process of chemical dying was not mastered until later years. Later emerged fantastic shades of green, blue, magenta, violet, and raw pink, which can be used now to accent the darker hues of the earlier period.

Diverse Fabrics

Fabrics were diverse, too. Depending on the change of season, the Victorians epitomized the classic velvet and damask, and cotton and chintz. (Damask is reversible figured fabric; chintz is patterned floral printed usually against a lighter background.)

The style of furniture itself was ornate and large. Button back chairs, pouffes and ottomans were customary. In general though, the design of furniture often borrowed from earlier styles, most notably of Gothic and Rococo.


Wallpaper exploded during the Victorian era and is an important feature of Victorian design. This was because of the ability of mass production as well as the repeal of the 1712 Wallpaper Tax at the time. They were often elaborately designed in patterns and vivid colours. One of the most famous wallpaper designers at the time was inspired by Medieval and Gothic tapestries, which can be seen on many original walls.

The Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC

Victorian design is uniquely distinguishable and popular even today. To get a better understanding of Victorian design, visit Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC. The newly renovated Victorian-era building is fully furnished in Victorian style décor offering you a trip to the allure of the 19th century!

Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel Guide

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Benefits of Staying at a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels began appearing in the 1980’s with New York at its epicentre. Often found in the slightly offbeat but still highly sought after neighbourhoods in urban centres, boutique hotels can be characterised as unique, stylish, and intimate.

The Victorian Hotel in Vancouver BC, for example, is a newly restored 1898 Victorian style brick building located centrally between Yaletown and Gastown, two of Vancouver’s hippest areas.


Don’t be surprised by the original artwork, complimentary wine service, or complimentary goldfish that are usually offered to guests during their stay. Don’t miss the designer toiletries, complimentary, as well.

Such services and amenities are what make boutique hotels unique. Boutique hotels are also uniquely styled hotel-by-hotel and room-by-room with a particular theme.

Moreover, they are often restored in old turn of the century heritage buildings, while conveniently being located in the best neighbourhoods in the city.


Vintage could not be more stylish as a restored nineteenth century era building turned hotel. Whilst also being located near the centre of the city in much cooler neighbourhoods, guests also reside in the close proximity to usually one of the city’s best restaurants and/ or bars.

Hop downtown for an award-winning cocktail, or an orecchiette rabbit ragu, like at Cinara below Vancouver’s Victorian Hotel.


Boutique hotels are never larger than 100 rooms, so you’ll almost never get lost inside one. If you do get lost, the full service accommodations and excellent concierge that comes with the style of boutique hotels will surely help you find your way, or with whatever your woes may be.

The professional and personalized service in these smaller sized hotels is surely intimate, matched by the overall more private atmosphere of a boutique hotel.

International Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels were originally opened and operated independently. Over the last years, however, they have become the preferred choice of travellers around the world such that larger chain hotels have begun to capitalize on the benefits of boutique hotels.

W Hotels, from Montreal to newly opened Beijing, is owned by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. They are chic and glamourous, but atmospherically different than independent boutique hotels.

There are still many locally run boutique hotels with the original charm that popularized this category of hospitality, such as the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, BC!

Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel Guide

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The Cinara restaurant has already won high praise from Vancouver food critics including Globe and Mail’s Top 10 notable new restaurants in Vancouver and is now featured in The Vancouver Sun’s year-end restaurant review: Metro Vancouver’s best new restaurants of 2014.

What to Expect at Cinara

Found in the historic 117-year-old Boutique Hotel, the Victorian Hotel in Downtown Vancouver, Cinara presents exquisitely crafted Modern European Cuisine that’s surprisingly more affordable than one might expect. Dishes such as Clams with corned veal tongue, fregola, & saffron go for $17.00, and their menu changes frequently enough to keep things interesting.

To learn more about their menu and offerings, go to

Vancouver’s Boutique Hotel Guide

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CINARA Restaurant at the Victorian Hotel has been voted by the Globe and Mail as one of the top 10 notable new restaurants in Vancouver.

Globe and Mail top restaurants in Vancouver

The Victorian Hotel is well situated in Downtown Vancouver and Gastown and Yaletown within walking distance to these top 10 Restaurants. Enjoy this great read on some of the city’s finest new places to dine in Vancouver near the Victorian Hotel.

In the Vancouver Spotlight: the Victorian Hotel’s New Bathroom Design

We are so delighted to share that the Victorian Hotel’s newly renovated bathrooms were featured in Hotelier Magazine! While brilliant results are their own reward, we’re honoured by the recognition and to see our work shown off in glossy print! We just love the new bathroom renovation and design work and we know you will too!

To learn more, read a great description of our new bathroom design in our last blog post; and, of course, please do check the Hotelier Magazine article itself!

Bathroom - downtown Vancouver hotel  | Downtown Vancouver Boutique Hotel Bathrooms

Booking a Room at the Victorian Hotel

You can find us in the heart of Downtown Vancouver BC, our boutique hotel’s classic 19th century heritage and elegantly remodeled style makes the Victorian Hotel a treasured gem for both travelers and locals alike.

To book a room with us, or to learn more about staying at the Victorian Hotel, please contact us at 604.681.6369 or toll free at 1.877.681.6369!

Redesigned Bathrooms for a Sense of Splendor

The Victorian Hotel’s new bathrooms have the right design details to create a sense of luxury and relaxation while staying in the newly remodeled guest rooms of the 1898 heritage hotel.

Our bathroom redesign builds on both the grandeur and the delicacy of the Victorian Hotel, enriching that sense of splendor that our guests enjoy returning to after every stay.

Boutique Hotel Bathrooms: Materials in our bathrooms | downtown Vancouver hotel photo

Spa Like Experience

We used a neutral but high-contrast colour palette with stone, porcelain and glass materials to create a clean-lined modern aesthetic that plays in delicate juxtaposition with the richness of our historical canvas.

Our bathrooms shine with elegance, creating a spa like feel with comfort and cleanliness. Regardless if you stay in a Deluxe room or our Bay Window rooms with shares bathrooms, you will enjoy the rich sense of grandeur and exclusivity that’s experienced by all of our guests at the Victorian Hotel.

Bathroom Shower - contrasting colours downtown Vancouver hotel

Staying at the Victorian Hotel

Found in the heart of Downtown Vancouver BC, the Victorian Hotel’s classic 19th century heritage and elegantly remodeled style makes it a treasured place for travelers and locals alike.

Contact us at 604.681.6369 or toll free at 1.877.681.6369 to book your reservation today!

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