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 Lodging for travellers has been around for millennia. From the thermal spas the Romans used to accommodate government travellers to the caravanserais that existed along the famed Silk Road, hotels have come a long way. And boutique hotels represent the next generation of accommodation.

Today, the word “hotel” is synonymous with travel, and there are options for every preference and budget, from barebones hostels to deluxe resorts. More recently, boutique hotels have become the answer to those looking for something new and unique. Unlike their big-box counterparts, boutique hotels distinguish themselves through intimacy and idiosyncratic design choices, which are often centred around a theme—like the lovely brick ensconced Victorian Hotel in Vancouver.

Although there’s no cut-and-dried definition of a boutique hotel—they come in many shape, sizes, and forms—here are some telltale signs that distinguish these properties.

Five Characteristics of Boutique Hotels

Individualityboutique hotels, like the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver, are often individually owned and have a distinct vibe that separates them from the cookie cutter vibe of their big-box counterparts.

Size—boutique hotels are often smaller in size and tend to range from 10 to 100 rooms.

Location—due to their smaller size, boutique hotels are often found in lively, upscale areas or even high-end residential neighbourhoods. They are often centrally located with good access to public transportation.

Culture—as locally owned properties, boutique hotels often incorporate locally-sourced materials and art. For example, amenities at the Victorian Hotel include Purely SALTspring soap, shampoo, and conditioner as part of their toiletry kit.

Service—personalized attention is the true hallmark of a boutique hotel. For people who prize a high quality, individualized experience, get ready for a staff that takes an interest and caters to personal needs.

For those seeking out accommodation as individual as they are, boutique hotels are a great alternative that features luxurious service, creative design, and distinct character. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Vancouver, the Victorian Hotel features 47 beautifully appointed rooms that evoke the romance, craftsmanship, and elegance of the Victorian era.

wedding guests at the Permanent Building enjoy special rates at the Victorian HotelDid you know wedding guests at the Permanent Building enjoy special rates at the Victorian Hotel?

Located at 330 West Pender, right across from the Victorian Hotel, sits the Permanent Building. Constructed in 1906, this hidden gem once served as a financial institution with the classic temple bank architecture, complete with gorgeous stained glass. Today, not many people know that the Permanent Building has been restored as an event venue, bringing a landmark heritage space back to the neighbourhood.

As a space that boasts gorgeous elements of neoclassical design, the Permanent Building is ideal for corporate cocktail & gala events, trade shows, conferences, fundraisers, and private parties—and, of course, weddings.

Once regarded as “a grand space in the wrong place,” the modern restoration of the Permanent began in 2009 and was completed in 2015. Over one hundred years old, the venue is named after the BC Permanent & Loan Company, which opened its doors in 1907. In 1935, the Bank of Canada took over and left its own mark—the stately vault door that still stands tall at the head of the main hall.

However, the signature feature of this grand old landmark remains the jaw-droppingly beautiful stained-glass atrium that soars overhead, 35 feet long and 20 feet wide. The space also includes a stunning heritage bar, which complements the crown mouldings, bronze chandeliers, and the many intricate tile mosaics dotted throughout the building.

With special rates available for charities and not-for-profit organizations, the Permanent Building can accommodate up to 130 guests for a seated dinner, and up to 250 guests for a standing reception with mixed seating. Maximum capacity is 263 persons, including staff and vendors.

Close proximity to the Permanent Building makes the Victorian Hotel ideal for out of town guests. As a newly renovated boutique hotel housed in a beautiful historic Victorian style brick building, guests can enjoy a variety of comforts in one of 47 beautifully appointed hotel rooms.

Special hotel group rates are available at The Victorian Hotel for all event participants at The Permanent Building. For more information, please contact Brian McLauchlan for accommodation inquiries—call 604.681-6369 or email

Boutique hotel. You’ve probably heard the term. But have you ever wondered what it actually means?


To start, boutique hotels tend to be on the smaller side, ranging from between 10 to 100 rooms. Guests are usually treated to more luxurious amenities, and there’s often a stylish theme that ensures a more personalized and memorable experience than you’ll find with the more vanilla big box brands.


As a boutique hotel located in downtown Vancouver, all of us at the Victorian Hotel strive to put together an accommodation experience that will appeal to travelers who want to step off the beaten path and chronicle unique and engaging journeys that titillate the senses.


Our hotel is housed in a Victorian style brick building that holds 47 beautifully appointed rooms with a stylish turn-of-the-century architectural design that treats guests to a sumptuous array of modern furnishings. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, and original brickwork feature prominently around the hotel. But we’ve reconciled this antiquarian charm with comfortable modern amenities as well. All the rooms feature conveniences such as high speed Wi-Fi, large flat screen TVs, soaker tubs, pillow top mattresses, and lovely locally made toiletries by Purely Salt Spring.


For gastronomes, the exclusive CINARA restaurant, which won the Best Downtown Restaurant Award in 2016, is also housed on the premises.  The chefs at CINARA specialize in exquisitely crafted Modern European Cuisine that’s surprisingly affordable. For example, a menu staple, Clams with corned veal tongue, fregola, & saffron, goes for just $17.00, but there are always plenty of new features to keep things interesting.


For those coming to Vancouver this summer, we invite you experience the style and luxury of a boutique hotel. The Victorian Hotel is located within walking distance of four of Vancouver’s most distinct districts—Yaletown, Robson, Chinatown, and Gastown. There’s no cost for children under 12 (when accompanied by their parents), and our staff members are very knowledgeable about the local restaurants, bike routes, and attractions around downtown Vancouver.


The dedicated team at the Victorian Hotel look forward to meeting you and hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Vancouver.