If you’re a resident in Vancouver, you might already know about The Permanent Building. Located at 330 West Pender Street, this gorgeous historic space is arguably one of the most ideal wedding venues in the city.


Erected almost a century ago, the venue is named after the BC Permanent & Loan Company, which first opened its doors in 1907. In 1935, the Bank of Canada called this place home, leaving its mark for decades to come. Recently, The Permanent was completely restored, bringing a landmark, heritage space back to the community.


The original Bank of Canada vault door stands tall at the head of the main hall, while the jaw-droppingly beautiful stained glass atrium soars overhead. Other neo-classical elements are adorned throughout, including classic crown mouldings, bronze chandeliers, and many tile mosaics. Of course, some modernization has taken place. State-of-the-art equipment has been installed throughout the building in addition to a 16-foot heritage bar.


The Permanent is a gorgeous venue available for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, conferences, and private parties. The venue is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver—and right next to the Victorian Hotel for anyone who requires accommodation for themselves or out of town guests.


Like the Permanent Building, the Victorian Hotel represents a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Vancouver. Originally built in 1898, the property blends historical finishes with contemporary features, resulting in a truly unique look and feel.


For value-conscious travellers looking to try something new, the hotel has a variety of “Euro-Rooms” with shared bathrooms as well as rooms with regular, private bathrooms. Each of these rooms displays an exposed section of 18th-century brick wall which lights up, showing off the textures and colours of the original walls from the turn of the century. This signature design feature lends an authentic style to the rooms and is like nothing else in Vancouver.


Learn more about the offers and amenities available at the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver. If you have an event coming up and require group lodging, contact us at 1-604-681-6369 or toll-free at 1-800-681-6369.