Gastronomes staying at the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver are in for a special treat. Located just outside the front door, the Autostrada is an intimate space with a dynamic seasonal menu and wine list—and hotel guests at the Victorian receive a special offer when visiting Autostrada.


Previously known as Cinara, which was named among Vancouver’s best Italian restaurants during the 2018 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, Autostrada is a no-reservations, laid-back eatery showcasing a streamlined seasonal menu featuring house-made pasta and antipasto, Negronis, and, of course, wine.


The new restaurant is a joint venture between Chef Lucais Syme and business partner Dustin Dockendorf, who were also the creative minds behind Cinara.


Cinara closed its doors in December and remained closed for a few weeks while undergoing a host of extensive renovations. Now, as Autostrada, guests can expect to find the same fare that made Cinara famous—think pasta served simply, tossed with butter and cheese, or perhaps in a more celebratory dish, like linguine with fresh mussels tossed in white wine. There’s also plenty of other tasty morsels—like thin toast loaded up with duck liver, or white anchovies on toasted focaccia with radish, pickled cucumber, and herbed butter—a long-time Cinara favourite.


Several variations on Negroni (including a sparkling version with Prosecco) adds to an eclectic drinks list. Because the wines will change regularly, they are listed by description rather than by label. For example, “aromatic” or a “touch of sweet” for a white and “elegant” or “bright Piedmontese” among the reds. All wines are poured straight from the bottle, to bring home the family-style feel.


Autostrada works with local farmers and suppliers who inspire the restaurant to create a menu based on the availability of tasty seasonal excellence, and is an elegant and comfortable restaurant focussing on European-style cuisine.


Since they do not take reservations, guests staying at the Victorian Hotel in Vancouver are perfectly positioned to nip in during quiet times. To learn more about the restaurants and facilities around the hotel, or to make a booking, please call 1-604-681-6369 or visit our website.