The hands of time have not chiseled away at Gastown, they have been sculpting it. Founded in 1867, Gastown has successfully managed the difficult task of preserving its history, as seen shining through in it’s architecture and cobblestone streets, while progressing forward and creating a new story for itself. Boasting a vibrant restaurant scene, delicious coffee (Revolver Café is a must), and sophisticated nightlife, Gastown promises to provide an unforgettable experience.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is 400 hectares of natural goodness, where century old trees provide shade from both sun and stress as one travels along peaceful trails, like the one leading to Beaver Lake. Or instead, trade in two feet for two wheels and rent a bike from one of the many shops on Denman Street before coasting along the seawall to Prospect Point. If looking out over the water piques your curiosity to ocean life, indulge the mind by visiting the Vancouver Aquarium.

Granville Island

Where every day feels like its the weekend, Granville Island is the place to take it easy while experiencing some of the freshest eats and unique art pieces in Vancouver. For seafood; the Sandbar, for sweets; Stewarts Bakery, and for good beer and a fun atmosphere; the Granville Brewery. A couple tips: 1) Travel in style and take the sea bus to and from the island 2) Keep both hands on your food, as the ever watching seagulls have good taste and quick instincts!

The Vancouver Art Gallery

Located a short walk from the Victorian Hotel, the Vancouver Art Gallery is the largest public art museum in Western Canada and is host to compelling exhibitions showcasing the work of renowned local and international artists. If it’s a sunny day then be sure to take a rest at the Gallery Café where you’ll find an outdoor patio adorned with lush greenery and a stunning view.


The sun has set but that doesn’t mean your day must end! For a decadent night out try Prohibition Bar, a speakeasy bar that will transport you back to the 1920’s through luxury and absinthe. For live music: Guilt and Co. Cake at 3am: Brekka Bakery. Or if you’ve ever wondered where all of the ghosts hang out, join the Haunted Vancouver tour to find out. But at the end of the day Vancouver is a city that beckons you to explore, and in this exploration is the reminder that most often the fondest memories in life are the ones most unplanned.