Victorian Hotel’s Traveler Tips in Honour of World Environment Day – June 5th 2016

In honour of World Environment Day (June 5, 2016) and Canadian Environment Week (June 5 – 11, 2016), The Victorian Hotel has created a five-point list to guide people interested in a more environmentally friendly approach to travel.

This doesn’t necessarily mean camping with a fibre-rich bowlful of nuts and berries for breakfast. Rather, the small decisions you make when planning your trip can help ensure that you minimize your ecological footprint while still having a great time.

1)      Opt for a stay-cation or minimize travel distances

Many forms of transportation can contribute to climate change. Why not opt to discover the charms of the next city or province? You’ll have a great time discovering local charm and hidden gems in your city, province, or country—and minimize holiday emissions.

2)      Consider your transportation

Some forms are worse than others. Can you drive or take the train? If you have to fly, look toward airlines with higher occupancy rates and newer, more efficient aircraft.  While in downtown Vancouver, choose the Victorian Hotel for its bespoke bicycle rentals to tour the local espresso and culinary scene along Vancouver’s well renowned bike lanes that encompass the best beaches, landmarks, and parks.

3)      Choose your accommodation carefully

Look for hotels that are conveniently located and use earth friendly products. For example, the Victorian Hotel is walking distance from all kinds of restaurants and attractions around Vancouver. Additionally, patrons enjoy local, handmade products like Purely Salt Spring soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

4)      Be Responsible

Act like you would in your own home. Hang your towels so they can be reused. Sheets don’t need to be changed every day. Shut off lights and turn off the air conditioner/heater when you leave your room. Remember to recycle newspapers and drink containers.

5)    Watch where you go…and what you buy

Avoid activities that are significantly harmful to the environment. For example, sports like skydiving burn a lot of energy, whereas an activity like golf can be relatively benign, particularly if the course makes use of recycled water. When it comes time to buy souvenirs, avoid anything made from animals, especially endangered species, which could be illegal.

Being an earth friendly traveller isn’t hard. By making informed decisions, you can have a terrific time and act as a responsible global citizen—wherever you happen to be!

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