Here at the Victorian Hotel we love it when our guests ask us what there is to do in Vancouver — great food, festivals, the arts, shopping, sports, and sights to see — there’s always so many wonderful things to do when you’re already in the heart of downtown Vancouver!

If you’re looking for things to do in Vancouver, here’s a few highlights from us for late January 2015.


  • Where: Ryerson United Church
  • When: Saturday, January 24th
  • Time: 8pm


“In this finale of the annual National Conductor’s Symposium, five talented conductors get a first chance to lead the outstanding professional Vancouver Chamber Choir. Master conductor and teacher Jon Washburn and pianist Stephen Smith also join in for this hit-parade of Canadian choral favourites”.


  • When: January 20th – February 8th
  • Where: Vancouver (different venues)
  • Website:

“The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is one of Vancouver’s signature events. Roughly 200 performances will take place during the festival, with artists from countries around the globe, including Australia, France and Scotland. Produced over three weeks each January, the PuSh Festival presents groundbreaking work in the live performing arts”.


“Underneath the Lintel”

“So the return of a library book which is 113 years overdue, sends a reclusive Dutch librarian on a globe spanning odyssey. Part ghost story, part metaphysical detective yarn, Underneath The Lintel is one man’s obsessive investigation into mysteries past and present, and the awakening of his own dormant spirit”.