As a boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver, the staff at the Victorian Hotel are often asked for advice on gift-giving and souvenirs. Canada is indeed well-known for its iconic scenery, but sometimes a fridge magnet of a mountain range just won’t do. If you’re someone who prides themselves on thinking outside the box when it comes to gift giving, we have some fun ideas for Canadian souvenirs that are sure to enchant and delight.


Vancouver is steeped in First Nations culture, and nowhere is this more evident than in the numerous art galleries dotted around the city. Their jewellery is especially well-known and draws on both contemporary and modern design to interpret ancient legends tied to the natural world. These often contain depictions of the raven, eagle, frog, whale, hummingbird, and wolf. These beautiful and unique handmade items are available from many vendors around the city, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, and prices tend to begin around $60.


For those who find the idea of grabbing souvenir airport chocolate anathema, Vancouver is filled with local chocolatiers who specialize in the handmade and small-batch right to well-known Canadian chains like Purdy’s and Rogers. The best known in Vancouver is probably the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which is well known for their window displays of seasonal delights. Prices start at about $2.00 a piece. Or spring about $60.00 for a large variety box.


Beauty addicts are sure to love a gift from the Granville Island Soap Gallery. With fragrant handcrafted pieces that look like anything from cakes to flowers, these luxe toiletries are made right on site using natural botanicals—and no fillers. With prices ranging from $1.25 per piece to as much as $500.00 for a set, there’s something for every personality and budget.


Murchie’s Fine Tea & Coffee is a Vancouver favourite. Opening over a century ago, you’ll find a variety of specialty products.  Sample finely roasted coffee and exotic teas flavoured with Murchie’s unique spice blends.  Other options include gourmet condiments, preserves, and freshly baked goods that are available from $12.95 and up.


The staff at the  Victorian Hotel in Vancouver are always on hand to assist guests, whether it’s fluffing up the pillows or providing guidance and advice on what to do and see in the city. To learn more or make a reservation, call 1.877.681.6369.